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Strong for Isuzu is the largest supplier of used Isuzu Bighorn parts in the New Zealand market, we started selling parts for Isuzu Bighorn way back in 1997 and since then we have lost count as to how many Bighorn's we have dismantled for parts!

We mainly dismantle Isuzu Lotus Bighorn, Bighorn, Isuzu Bighorn Plaisir and Isuzu Bighorn SE grade vehicles, we dismantle both the long wheel base and short wheel base variants both petrol V6 and diesel turbo grades.

We not only dismantle Isuzu Bighorn we also import Bighorn parts from Japan and from other countries in Asia, we also have good local contacts for new genuine and new non-genuine Isuzu parts so we can supply just about any part you need for an Isuzu Bighorn.

The Isuzu Bighorn range we specialise in is from 1992 on and we carry just about every Isuzu Bighorn part you can imagine, from Isuzu engines, Isuzu turbo chargers, Isuzu starter motors, alternators and Isuzu Bighorn transmissions right down to Bighorn bumpers, doors, glass, electrical items and all those little items such as nuts and bolts as well as trim such as seat belts and seats and some accessory parts such as wheels, tyres and bull bars to suit all Isuzu Bighorn models. 

If you need any part for an Isuzu Bighorn or New Zealand assembled Isuzu Trooper please email us with your Isuzu Bighorn parts requirements.

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Isuzu Bighorn for Parts and wrecking
Isuzu Bighorn 4wd in our yard

1000's of Bighorns dismantled

We are New Zealand's number one Isuzu Bighorn used parts specialists!

We stock parts for all Isuzu Bighorn versions from 1992 to 2002 when Isuzu stopped production.

We stock just about any used Isuzu part that you could ever need for Isuzu Bighorns, we stock tested diesel and petrol engines and both manual and automatic transmissions as well as all the other bits that you might need.

We also stock parts for the same year Isuzu Trooper and Holden Jacaroo and Montery 4wd vehicles which are basically Bighorn's with other badges and a few different cosmetic parts.

But that's not all.. we also have oil filters, ball joints and other new Bighorn parts in stock..

email or phone us if you need parts off any isuzu Bighorn.

Isuzu Bighorn models we stock parts for:

1992~1994 Isuzu Bighorn UBS25 6VD1 V6 & UBS69 4JG2 Diesel non EFI engine
1995~1998 Isuzu Bighorn UBS25 6VD1 V6 & UBS69 4JG2 Diesel EFI engine
1998~2002 Isuzu Bighorn UBS26 6VE1 V6 & UBS73 4JX1 Diesel engine

Do you need an alternator for your Diesel or petrol powered Isuzu Bighorn?

We have a complete range of used tested and brand new alternators in stock at all times to fit most Isuzu Bighorn diesel and V6 petrol powered 4x4's

All of our used alternators have been fully tested before they were removed from the donar vehicle so we know they are working, our new alternators are sold with a full 12-month return to base replacement warranty so you can't go wrong!

Isuzu Bighorn alternator
Isuzu Bighorn Alternator